The Bohemyth: NEWS

Dear All,

It is with greatly mixed feelings that I can inform you that Alice Walsh, founding editor of The Bohemyth, has stepped down in order to concentrate on her own writing.
If you know Alice and her work, you will have no doubts that success awaits her, but I’m sure we all wish her luck.

Now that the editorial reins have been passed on to me The Bohemyth will be undergoing changes to design and submissions.
More info will be published later this month, but for now I can inform you that, from December, The Bohemyth will be published monthly, in the first week of each month. We will publish Short Fiction + Photography + Poetry + Essays. For now, we are CLOSED to submissions.

I will also be sounding out interest in people becoming Assistant Editors/Readers.

For everyone who has been involved during the first year of The Bohemyth – whether you submitted, read, or promoted – sincerest thanks.

Stay tuned. I hope this is just the beginning.

Editor – Michael Naghten Shanks


3 thoughts on “The Bohemyth: NEWS

  1. I just wanted to wish Alice all the best with her writing – she’s immensely talented, and I have no doubt she will succeed – and to thank her for publishing a story of mine. Best of luck to the Bohemyth, too, and to Michael in his new role.

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