March Editorial

We at The Bohemyth are always trying to think of new ways to engage with words and images and creativity in each issue. We want those who read and submit the work we exhibit to feel refreshed and inspired and affected by the experience.


In January, I thought about the contemporary writers whose work I found gave me that feeling and realised that the majority of them were women. I decided to use my position as Editor of The Bohemyth to gather together a selection of, in my opinion, some of the best and most promising young women writers and artists currently out there, who merit more attention, in the hope that they will give those who are unfamiliar with their work that same feeling.


The idea of an all-female collection of work isn’t new – the fantastic tender and Bunny Collective are doing it to an excellent standard – but what I hope you will find from our showcase is that we have a variety of styles and subject matter with something for everyone.


We chose to publish our All-Female issue in March in tribute to the fact that March 8th is International Women’s Day.


We encourage you to seek out the incredibly talented women writers and artists on more than just one day.


Our thanks to the 17 women who contributed work to this issue.