A Final Goodbye

Dear readers,

2016 has been a quiet year but the time has finally come for me to say my goodbye as editor. Having been involved in The Bohemyth since the beginning I felt that, after 4 years, a break was necessary in order for me to assess where we were, where we wanted to go, and what we had to do to get there. Ultimately, I’ve realised that now is not the time for me to try to fulfil the ambitions I had for The Bohemyth. So while I do leave with a sense of regret, I also leave feeling immensely proud and privileged of everything The Bohemyth has achieved; for that I need to pay thanks to every single one of the hundreds of contributors I’ve been lucky enough to publish over the years, the thousands of submitters who made each decision difficult, and to the many readers who were generous with their time to come out and perform for us whenever we put together an event. I’d also like to thank the different assistant editors whose contributions throughout the years have been vital to maintaining the quality of work we’ve published. Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who read, liked, and shared each of our posts. The Bohemyth will return with a new editor in due course but, for me, it’s a final goodbye.

— Michael Naghten Shanks


Image Credit:  Jordan Wozniak