Mira Gonzalez

This is a slightly edited gchat interview with the poet/writer Mira Gonzalez. It took place over the course of ~60 minutes in January 2014.




MNS: let’s start this thing!

Mira: ok wait!

Mira: I don’t think im incoherently stoned enough

Mira: I should probably get more incoherently stoned

MNS: let me know when you’re incoherent enough to be asked 1st question

Mira: sweet

Mira: until then lemme give you some updates about what im consuming

Mira: so the weed im smoking is called ‘blue dream’

Mira: and im drinking $2 trader joes brand wine

Mira: and I took a shot of expensive seeming gin from a green bottle

MNS: when was last time u consumed ‘food’?

Mira: ummmm I ate some pistachios at like 3am last night

Mira: and a lot of coffee today, black coffee

Mira: its 5:49pm where I am, by the way

MNS: its 01:50am here

MNS: why do u consider coffee ‘food’?

Mira: that’s a good question that I don’t know the answer to… coffee is very obviously not food… its beverage

Mira: ready 4 interview


Part 1: Good Start, but…

MNS: what made you decide to do this interview stoned/drunk?

Mira: hm… I think… interviews are usually something I really dread doing

Mira: ill let interview questions sit in my gmail inbox until the v last minute

Mira: but doing it fast like this when im mostly unaware of my surrounding seems… easy or fun or something

Mira: it seems interesting what a hard time im having expressing myself in writing rn

MNS: you mean, physically or mentally?

Mira: I guess both

Mira: or like, mentally

Mira: like I have less inhibitions or insecurities or something

MNS: are u afraid of sharing too much or do u like that being stoned might open up that possibility?

Mira: I like it, I think

Mira: there isn’t much that I don’t feel comfortable sharing generally

Mira: I think being stoned might open up that possibility more though, or something

Mira: unless I cant express myself in words anymore bc im too stoned and now I sound like a rambling maniac

MNS: I get u. u reach a stage where u know what u want to say but it won’t come out right

Mira: lol yes

Mira: im working through it though

Mira: wine tastes good

MNS: its funny that I just said about not knowing what to say and now I’ve gone blank lol

Mira: lol I’ve been smoking more weed periodically throughout the interview fyi

MNS: literally cannot think of question that seems interesting to anyone

MNS: even someone getting stoned

Mira: lolol

Mira: this is a nightmare

Mira: unending interview that has no actual questions

Mira: woe is me


Part 2: The Recovery, or ‘a portrait of the poet as a young female born with hair on her back’

MNS: ok proper question coming up, get ready

Mira: I was born ready

Mira: I was born with hair on my back, according to my mother

MNS: ‘a portrait of the poet as a young female born with hair on her back’ lol

Mira: laughed

MNS: ok, question – am I interviewing Mira, the young woman, or Mira, the young poet, or is there a difference?

Mira: I think, I have a hard time self-identifying as a ‘poet’ despite being a person who… writes poetry… I don’t know why… maybe I feel like mild aversion to the word or something

Mira: I kind of hate poetry

Mira: im a young woman who writes poetry, I think…

MNS: do u want to like being a ‘poet’ or would that feel like against the point of being a poet?

Mira: ummm the point of being a ‘poet’ is to write poetry, I would guess, so maybe being a poet isn’t so bad

Mira: maybe I just feel aversion to like… tying myself to poetry

Mira: I want to like… be open to other kinds of writing. Does that make sense?

MNS: yeah, I can understand that. I wrote fiction first but got bored and so started writing poetry. I can’t write fiction and poetry simultaneously. Is that something u do?

Mira: simultaneously?

Mira: I imagined like one hand on one laptop writing poetry and the other hand on another writing fiction

Mira: id like to be able to do that

MNS: lol. I mean like I cant write a story, then poem, then story, etc. I have to concentrate on one medium at a time

Mira: oh I see

Mira: I think I do that actually

Mira: ill like, finish a story, then immediately start a poem

MNS: I think that’s good

MNS: are u writing anything lately?

Mira: yeah rn im trying to finish up my next column for hobart

Mira: aside from that im working on a book

Mira: slowly


Part 3: Connectivity

MNS: the advice column is interesting. What did u initially think about being asked to do it?

MNS: is the book a novel or…?

Mira: I thought it seemed fun. I had my ask.fm account already, which was fun. It’s a similar thing.

Mira: the book is… not poetry. Short stories or a novel

MNS: your ask.fm account is a bit different lol

Mira: lol yeah

Mira: but its like similar experience I guess

Mira: both are like, answering anonymous unfiltered questions

MNS: do u think that is something that writers are more aware of? I mean about the sense of how people filter their experiences and interactions etc

Mira: I feel very aware of that. I cant speak for other writers

Mira: I think of a lot of my experiences in terms of how well or how poorly I could write about them… so that’s… a filter… maybe

MNS: do u ever write about things that u know/sense is a poor representation of whatever reality inspired it?

Mira: do I ever make stories not true to reality if it makes the story better?

Mira: yes, I have done that before

MNS: I also meant it in the sense that, if you have poor recollection of an experience, but u still have it, would u write about it?

MNS: is the confusion any less worthy that a clear vision of an experience?

Mira: oh I see

Mira: if I thought it would make into an interesting story I still would yeah. even if I was confused about it

Mira: but if I was so confused about it that I couldn’t make it into something I would want to read then I wouldn’t

MNS: do u write for u or others? Do u write things that u know others will be interested in, even if its not something u really care about?

Mira: both, I think

Mira: I only write about things I care about

Mira: but if I know im writing for a specific publication ill like think about the audience for that… like I cant help it

MNS: think this is common for other writers too



MNS: how stoned/drunk are u now?

Mira: very both

Mira: a lot

Mira: feel like napping for 24 hrs

MNS: we can stop this interview whenever. Can always resume another time (I almost typed another wine lol)

Mira: lol

Mira: im drinking so much wine

Mira: ok ok

Mira: im gonna shower

Mira: lets continue this interview next time im drunk and stoned

Thanks to Mira for the interview.


Mira Gonzalez [b. 1992] is from Los Angeles, California.

She is the author of the collection ‘i will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together