The Bohemyth is currently CLOSED for submissions.

New issues every March, June, September and December.

Submissions for March issue are open in January only. Responses in February. Submissions for June issue are open in April only. Responses in May. Submissions for September issue are open in July only. Responses in August. Submissions for December issue are open in October only. Responses in November.

We are currently unable to pay contributors.

Short Fiction – we want contemporary, literary short stories and flash fiction. We want ideas that affect, engage, move, and entertain. We want writing that is beautiful, poetic, thought-provoking, original, and inspiring. We want images that linger in our minds. We want to be seduced and savaged. We want sentences that ping. A max. of 2,000 words. A max. of 2 fiction submissions.

Poetry – we want contemporary poetry that communicates. We want the passionate, the personal, and the particular. We want lines we cannot forget. We want poems that don’t know they’re poems. We want to be surprised. Please submit between 3 – 6 poems.

Essays – we want personal essays. We want specific questions that spiral out into universal answers, and vice versa. We want to see your mind at work. We are more interested in seeing how you are saying it than what you are saying. A max. of 2,000 words. A max. of 2 essays.

Photography – we want your definition of beauty. We want clean images. We want to see something we may never forget. Please submit between 3 – 6 photographs.

Send your submission, in the email AND as an attachment (preferably .docx for words and jpegs for photography), to, with ‘Submission’, and whatever category you are submitting to, as the title of the email. Include a short bio in the 3rd person, along with any links to your website/blog/twitter/etc.

All work must be the original work of the writer/photographer. Copyright remains with the artist.

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