Catch Business



i start thinking about metapoetics and absurdism in cognitive behavioral therapy by tao lin and i realize my poems take up too many pages                         as if they were trying not to be poems – a collection of my habits, not alternates – and i wonder, if, like life, you think ‘positively’ your presence becomes so, if, i create a world that isn’t this, would i still exist?


if only to my self, that is, why i am trying to reach out to you – do you still exist?

the targets of these words are ideas, so why try? what is the purpose of reaching through screens? – to break them. letting laptops live is a drawn-out waste of time and all of us should be writing down thoughts. so why try?


i want to empty out my blood, which i can do, if you let me.

you don’t even have to buy the mason jar – i got that covered.


there are one hundred and sixty-eight hours in a week (i sleep sixty-four and work forty) i only have sixty-four                        i spend three hours watching tv every night because it’s wasting my time and i know sometimes it’s better to let your mind lose focus – especially after eight hours staring at the computer, three more can’t hurt.




Catch Business is a person and a poet living in Oakland, California. She spent some time in Ashland, Oregon, studying Creative Writing at Southern Oregon University. Before that there were other places, after this there will be more places. Her work can be seen in the upcoming publications: Similar:Peaks:: and Be About It (#8).