John Mortara




i apologize in advance of this poem / i have been dreaming a lot lately


but i’m just gonna say it


the       ‘if you love them then let them go’    cliché needs to end right here and right now


i’m looking at you / band called ‘Passenger’


you are always on the radio when i’m trying to let go whilst obviously not letting go


and why do i always write about the stars as metaphors for me needing to leave someone


that’s a rhetorical question

i have some pretty obvious theories with regards to stars and why we can’t be together


so hello new universe


hi i’m john


this is the dating profile i do not even want because my heart is light years away from here so i apologize in advance


i ride my bicycle all aimless when i’m upset with myself


i like long walks on the beach

directly into the bottom of the ocean


i would say my sexual identity is


uncertainty principle in the streets / heat death of the universe in the sheets


sooner or later everything will become water


my ideal date is the two of us

on a romantic evening

looking at the stars

thinking about how

if we could only touch

those beautiful lights

we’d both burst into flames immediately


i definitely had a dream about that recently so i apologize again


the problem with accomplishing your dreams is that eventually you will run out of dreams


i’m trying to get a handle on the balance of waking and sleep


so i apologize in advance of my inevitable stellar implosion


when you get too close to black holes you get all bent and stretched and it’s called ‘spaghettification’ which is ridiculous


i’m sorry i am stretching this out until we finally rip


it’s too delicious to stop


and all the songs i’ve been listening to remind me of outer space

and outer space always reminds me of kissing you


not just sounds-like

but smells-like


it’s the ozone smell of rain and kissing you


it’s old book smell and kissing you


sweaty basement punk show smell and kissing you


the christmas tree has been up for so long that it’s definitely a fire hazard smell


and kissing you


your jacket reeks of pall malls and i missed that smell and kissing you


even those memories on their own make my skin feel like all the butterflies in the world suddenly replaced by similarly-sized rocks


i apologize again / this time /  in retrograde


i have been dreaming a lot lately


i leave my curtains open and when the morning sun wakes me i always mistake it for you


i am trying to hold my horses             because i don’t know the destination


there’s this dream i keep having wherein you tell me to hold my horses


hold all of your horses, you say          hold your horses close




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