Karl Parkinson

Is that William Burroughs



I’m looking at in this Temple Bar tourist restaurant?


Eating stew,

with his wholesome American family.


No H addiction,

just a little glass of red for me honey


Is that you

with the boring blonde wife,

a Rolex, and manicured nails,


‘bout the office and increased productivity?


Ya got no balls?

Ya got no moxy?

Say it isn’t so Bill,

say it isn’t you ,

tell me that you got through

the western lands?


Magic crackles in the reality studio:

I did kid, I did, I shot my way through,

pass all the marks, the nameless assholes,

the congods, the terrorfucks, the management,

the bureaus, and I’m a nonbody, kid, wise-up,

thus ends this transmission, stand by for….


Images fading into white noise static dreams…



at the dinner table my vegetarian chilli arrives.




Karl Parkinson is a writer from Dublin his debut poetry collection Is Litany of the city and other poems(Wurmpress 2013).

His work has been published in If Ever you go (One city, one book Dublin 2014), New planet Cabaret anthology, The Stinging Fly,

Wordlegs, The Incubator, Can Can, The pickled Body, The poetry Bus and many more and has been broadcast on RTE Arena arts show a Number of times. He is spoken word editor at Colony arts webzine. 







Litany of The City And Other Poems


Droppin The Act