Russell Bennetts & Rauan Klassnik

With Music



The ice cream hut

Ate all the children,

Winston Churchill harrumphed

Turned tail and sang

Seidel’s Song to the Moon


The Battle of Stepney

Childhood dreams of an opera,

Peter the Painter harrumphed

Chased tail and sang


Till the fat lady

Francis Bacon harrumphed

(w/ a pot full of innards)


I mushroomed

in a bronzed field


of chipt yoghurt—

which exploded.




Russell Bennetts is the editor of Berfrois. He lives in Kentish Town,


Rauan Klassnik lives in Kirkland, WA and has published two books

of poetry with Black Ocean (Holy Land, 2008, and The Moon’s Jaw, 2013).

His latest book, Sky Rat (2014) is with Spork Press.