Isabelle Davis



lemony snicket taught me the word zenith in the sixth grade so when i called you to tell you i had made it to the zenith of mount everest & you sighed into the phone like you’re so pretentious even from up there it confused me because lemony was more fucked up than pretentious but the oxygen was playing hide & seek with my lungs so when i tried to form the words to tell you that it came out like dfshakglrw until my phone battery died.


when i closed my eyes i could see the tops of your shoes they were black with white laces like a lot of shoes but yours were better because your everything is better even though i couldn’t see the rest of your everything that was still obvious.


my sherpa told me that no climber as inexperienced & unskilled as i had ever come close to the 29029 foot peak & i said that’s because no climber as inexperienced & unskilled as i had ever really tried like really put their heart into it & then i was like jk susan this climb was all you & she was like yeah & pointed to a ladder a few feet away like let’s see you get to the moon.




isabelle davis still has plastic glow-in-the-dark-stars hanging on her ceiling.  she’s been published previously in a couple of places like treehouse & dirty chai, but mostly her writing sits in a folder on her computer titled: attempts.  isabelle is currently persuing her creative writing degree at columbia college chicago.  you can find her on twitter @isa13itch