Anna Walsh

We Must Not Search for Meaning




A savage bleeding lotus

two hands clasped together


not parted yet

the lush of the petals silking

spooling light and ferocious hues

daubed with strains of dark

and lined with veins of gold

i part my lips

and kismet blooms from them


mountain and sky beckon

the sanctum lotus seeping

wine onto turquoising air

suffusing ecstatic pinks with the

great blue whale of colour

pomegranate bursts of stars



it can be beautiful to be heartbroken




Claw Hammer 




I held his tongue

between my two fingers

i was glad my nails were not too short

i had to pinch the flat wet muscle

hard, it felt like fingering a girl

all that inside and hot swamp breath

his eyes wild and his little

bony legs trying to kick me off

i didn’t want to hurt him really


it was just needs must




Anna Walsh is young, dumb, and wallowing in a lack of direction. She tweets at @annaw999 and wants to fuck with your head (with her words).