Caoimhe Lavelle

Self Belief Poem (Ha Ha)




I use a simple system;

it’s silent, and I keep my eyes clean.

While my cat is consistently kind and…

seems to seriously share my skinny policy.

(“Sure she must have just dropped out of her Momma.

Because she is still so small”).


Something has driven the anthropomorphized film away.

And you my dear,

will start off as a starlet.

Evolving eventually into



As you become invincible, immovable

to all jokes, catcalls, barefoot strokes

and post kiss-rejection ice storms.




Caoimhe Lavelle is a poet and graduate of Trinity College Dublin. Her work has been published by Totally Dublin, Mama Grande Press, and Metazen. She performs on a semi-regular basis and is a founder of Blue Bottle and an editor of Glitterstump. She writes poetry over the phone, turns phone numbers into poetry and is working on her first collection.