Holly Isemonger

my week in haiku



can’t imagine a

face, too tired, masturbate with

a ‘vague male presence’


it’s fine to use a

bag of crisps as a pillow

look I’m fine ok


the band is playing

a song but all I hear is

‘I have a penis’


dream I am pregnant

again and I drown the baby

in the sink again


can’t tell if it’s poor

punctuation or dirt on

the computer screen?


clouds often look like

cellulite, god’s mammoth white

arse suffocates me


how to get the man

to touch me when I don’t want

to talk to the man?


3am open

the fridge and think ‘who the fuck

buys this much salad’


he touched my hand while

giving me change, imagine

spooning for ~3hrs


heat forces grime through

pores, we sweat like kids making

play-doh spaghetti


walk away through trees

that are Nintendo green, turn

smile and wave at me


she said to me once

the ones that matter, count them

on one hand, not two


count the syllables

on two hands, but people, those

who matter are few



Holly is usually confused, embarrassed or lost. She can be found at hisemonger.tumblr.com and twitter.com/Hisemonger