Sophia Katz

don’t ever be honest to your body



tonight i wore a short skirt

with no panties underneath

and looked into the eyes

of every stranger that walked by


i sat down on the subway platform

and the floor got extremely angry


i sat down on the subway platform

and the concrete bit my bare skin


i sat down on the concrete

and a rat crawled inside of me

and fell asleep


i put all of my baby photos in a trash can

in a city i don’t live in


you aren’t as good as you think you are

yes you are


i have so many scars

my entire body is a scar

i can’t remember where any of them came from

all i know is they came from my fingers


i am writing

i am also dying

please come back

no wait go away

come back

don’t touch me

stop it

keep going

put your hand inside me

ball your fist

grow out your finger nails

scar me from the inside

scar me where i can’t scar myself

you just need to sleep for 3 days


talk to me after you do that



Sophia Katz is a Toronto-based writer. Her work has been featured in print and online. She has a Twitter account that is funny sometimes.