Anna Walsh

sharing a film with you


we are propped beside each other

backs crookedstraight

our elbows, spread legs


the heat beats in my teeth


i wonder what it would be like to fuck you

like you fuck one night stands and

exes, brutally, for not long enough


the way your bottom lip juts


i would put my hand on your mouth

slip my finger in

we could lie beside each other

all wet mouths drifting limbs

no movement accidental


you would make a business of

the fuck to come

my touches coded to yours


our clothes shed

stickily, at first,


the rest

shake off like feathers

i direct

nipple mouth fingers back

he props me on him, crookedstraight

i’m not ready yet but my favourite part is the thunk

so you feel the tightness and the swell hurts

your moan

it sings better than it says



my fingers slide

through your hair and i pull

up and down slow

the air is jungly

it seems right to lick your entire chin and neck

just under


this is where i own you

this is where you own

the rock ache in my stomach


my mouth, my legs

gawked open

i could brim with you if i dared


Anna Walsh is young, dumb, and wallowing in a lack of direction. She tweets at @annaw999 and wants to fuck with your head (with her words).