Zoe Kingsley

a concave sternum to roller-skate by


a conversation between a Russian Futurist and a New Yorker, recorded by a Sydney poet who dreamed in the ’80s of the latter still writing poetry ten years after his death in ’66


on the assembly line

don’t feel alone

amongst the masses

we’re equally concerned

with machinery

your doctor

prescribed the poem

as a nifty appliance:

an ice-box, my poet-friend suggested

or maybe something more sedate

yes! a blender

our individual populations tend to forget

the one onerous thing when

on the assembly line


a vibrating pin

to be punched out onto the cold sun


Zoe Kingsley is a writer living and studying in Norwich. She is associate editor for literary journal The Suburban Review (where her poetry can be found) and poetry co-editor for Lighthouse. She has written for music website Tone Deaf and arts magazine Rooms.