Francine Elena

narcissus & echo


i can’t remember when she started / bc i am like ryan gosling in the notebook or maybe river phoenix / i know she RTed my air jordans / my kale shake / my blue cheese & kobe beef / my head in the morning, the egyptian cotton rumpled & i’m squinting / infinite stars / hearts over & over / i am too busy to keep track / the one where a white puppy is looking good against my sweater / when there is a halo of light by the pool & i have a look like hey / that picture on the ice rink in my north face & ski hat / you’ll be thinking that you want me / me in a mirror in a mirror in a mirror //


the girl was reposting every time / etc etc / the one where i am chilling by the fountain & the stone is the shape of a woman & glassy buildings are reflecting / everything / thumbs up always / & the ghost of the star / the ghost of the heart disappearing / her name escapes me /one time i checked her profile & it was a replica of mine / sometimes i think i am not that guy you see in the photos / you know? / i’m like two identical brothers staring each other out / a contest forever / twins but he is famous / twins but he is the beautiful one



Francine Elena‘s chapbook Christmas Lantern is published by 3:AM Press and her unpublished pamphlet Fluoro was shortlisted for the Pighog Poetry School Prize. Her poems have appeared  in The Best British Poetry 2013 (Salt), Poetry London, Clinic, 3:AM Magazine, The Quietus and The Honest Ulsterman among others. She grew up in England, Scotland and Portugal and received an MA in Classics from the University of Edinburgh in 2008.


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