Lauren Vevers

There is something of you coded into me.


I am scared

it might be breakable

like our Friday fortress 



Uncertain textile parapets put up against

winter reality


 bites earlobes,

 loose skin on shoulder blades.


You said –  this is something else.

(You meant – my hands are rough from holding onto loss).


I am learning to lean into intimacy.

We’re fond of transcending time,

and time again

dreams compel muscles to tense.


Arms are brackets of blissful otherness.

I’d give anything to stay in these heated sheets

and linger longer in

                                     layers of your mind.



Lauren Vevers is a writer & artist. Her work has been published on Hobart, The Cadaverine, Ink Sweat & Tears and Electric Cereal. 

Twitter: @LaurenVevers