Anna Walsh

Alone with Nobody



this is a bone house
it is painted all white
every wall and floorboard
the ceilings and shelves, sharp corners
sanded down
every point blunted and varnished.
we do not own any cutlery
any glass smashed is swallowed immediately

nobody breaks vases off doors in this house
nobody gets drunk and vomits
nobody throws declarations of love like punches,
the flesh of the bone is too near to us to touch

we have all given up smoking and staying up late
and looking for the one.



Anna Walsh is from Mullingar. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from UCD and has been published in the Bohemyth, Losslit, the Belleville Park Pages, Headstuff and Maudlin House. She is currently working on her first collection of poetry. You tweets at @annaw999.