What Are You Waiting For? Godot?

Cogito Ergo Sum - Photo by Denise O'Donnell
Cogito Ergo Sum – Photo by Denise O’Donnell

The Bohemyth will be publishing a special Samuel Beckett Issue in April to celebrate the birthday of the man himself – we are looking for photography submissions, short fiction and essays inspired by, referencing, associated with or somehow connected to the writings of Samuel Beckett.

To be considered for this issue please submit by the end of March. If you’re unsure of the suitability of your work for this issue, submit it anyway and let us decide.


One thought on “What Are You Waiting For? Godot?

  1. DRAMATIST FROM WHOM WE CAN LEARN FOREVER. For everyone interested in how literature can improve the way of thinking in the 21st Century, Samuel Beckett’s work is indispensable reading. What does it mean in practical terms?
    DRAMATIST LARGELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THEATRE ENTERING INTO A NEW ERA. Thousands, perhaps millions of words have been written about the hold Samuel Beckett continues to have, over 20 years after his death. However, very little of what has been written about this major dramatist is of much value to the reader who is only mildly familiar with theatre, or who knows Beckett as a “simple” name in theatre history, rather than a style and/or an engagement.
    ONE MUST REMEMBER. Personally, I think the essence of Beckett’s importance can be summarized as follows: he was a great dramatist and playwright because he acknowledged the reality of the human condition, and suggested ways of dealing with it, in a new and fresh way. In that he helped pave the way for the development of modern theatre.
    UNQUESTIONABLY. There remain authors whose continued sense of wonder and rage keeps them true to the spirit of continual inner revolution/exploration. Samuel Beckett is undoubtedly one of those authors.
    ULTIMATELY. While he’s known as being a groundbreaker, let’s also keep in mind that “tradition” (William Shakespeare), “provocation” (Oscar Wilde), “perfection” (Thomas Eliot) and “innovation” (Bertolt Brecht) are one and the same thing for Samuel Beckett. For he, like any true artist, has always placed the past into a living present ever becoming the future.

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